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Conference Call (three persons)

You can call a third person while you are already on the line and invite him/her to join the conversation. You can also just speak to that person without the other one hearing your conversation.


You can:

  • have a three-way discussion,
  • or talk alternatively with one or the other without the other party hearing your conversation.


1. The second caller rings when you are already on the line:

  • Press "R". This puts the first party on hold.
  • After hearing the dial tone, dial the number of the second party who is now joining the conversation.


2. Alternate conversation:

  • Press "R". The first party is put on hold.
  • After hearing the dial tone, dial 2 to connect to the other party. This can be repeated as many times as necessary to converse alternatively with both parties.


3. Three-way conversation:
After calling the second party (as indicated in paragraph 1.), press R, then after the dial tone, dial 3. You can now have a three-way conversation.


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Conference Call (three persons)

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